Is this the future of horse racing data collection?

Watch this YouTube video from the New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports (NESSIS), which gathered in September 2019 at Harvard University.

NESSIS is “a meeting of statisticians and quantitative analysts connected with sports teams, sports media, and universities to discuss common problems of interest in statistical modeling and analysis of sports data.”

ESPN Analytics’ Neil Johnson presented on the following: "Extracting Player Tracking Data from Video Using Non-Stationary Cameras and a Combination of Computer Vision Techniques.” In other words, a process which could be the future of collecting horse racing data with far fewer errors, far greater accuracy, and without the need for horses or jockeys to carry tracking devices.

(The video of the presentation is below and runs 25 minutes, but you could increase the speed through the YouTube player settings.)

Ponder a racing future with Johnson’s technology.

We have routinely lamented the state of American racing data. Owners have no rights to their own horses' data. This is comically absurd, but just one item in a long series of recurring face slaps to the sport’s primary financial participants – owners, breeders and gamblers.

It needs to stop. The industry’s data-keepers must change.

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