Fixed-odds and proposition-style wagers could easily be a more widespread part of the future of betting on horse racing in North America. In our white paper, "Horse Racing and 'Legal' Sports Betting," the Thoroughbred Idea Foundation advocated for continental stakeholders of the sport to push for this in order to diversify the sport's offerings while attracting modern customers with approachable, familiar and fixed-price bet-types. 

With a massive day of racing this Saturday at Belmont Park, the TIF wanted to offer a way to engage fans in what could soon be a newer way to attack a race from a wagering standpoint - and with the winners getting to direct funds to charity.

In the TIF Belmont Day Challenge, there are 20 total questions after providing your contact information, which includes a tiebreaker. The person with the most correct responses will get to direct $1,000 to a racing-related, 501(c)(3) charity. Second and third placers will get to direct $500 and $250, respectively. 

CLICK HERE to launch the TIF Belmont Day Challenge. Take a look and have a go. Good luck!



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