Racing needs innovation to stay relevant. This is the second in an ongoing series where we will highlight innovation in the industry which could have an impact to improve racing or the racing experience for owners or horseplayers.

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Inefficiencies abound in many industries, and the racing business is no different.
In 2013, the frustration for a California-based horse owner to manage and track the finances related to his horses became overwhelming.
“There was no streamlined accounting system that properly addressed the needs of the industry,” says Marc Doche. “I wrote the business plan and engaged my friend and now business partner, Bob Ike, who struggled with the same inefficiencies and we launched in November 2014.”

Over the last four years, Horsebills has more than 1,600 users engaged in its software, the majority of which are owners who can sign-up for a free account with direct access to receive and pay bills without leaving the site, streamlining accounting, billing and payments across the industry.  

“This is the only online accounting platform built for managing the daily operations of an equine business. Our vision was to construct a centralized billing system that would enable the whole equine industry – owners, syndicate managers, consignors, farm managers, tack and feed providers, horse transporters, farriers, vets – to operate more efficiently. The more people who use it, the greater the value provided to everyone. The centralized system allows all contractors who work with a horse to bill the related expenses to that horse’s ownership directly,” said Doche.

With any type of horse-related vendor catered-to through Horsebills and its online payment system, bill-senders can dramatically cut the time spent preparing invoices while bill-payers can transfer funds electronically to meet their obligations, with payments often received the same day. 

Horse Bills - Roster.png
(Image provided by Horsebills)

“Considering the general public’s adoption of online banking, our concept is not groundbreaking on its own,” adds Ike, “but the horse industry has always been slow to adapt while also having some particularly specific accounting needs. Horsebills addresses a long-standing need and increases efficiency. We know this sport is an intensive one – more than 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Accounting is often an after-thought – we’ve designed Horsebills to do as much as possible so horsepeople don’t have to worry about it.”

California-based trainer Jeff Mullins is one of many notable conditioners across the country using Horsebills. “With 35 plus years of experience in the industry,” Mullins said, “we have yet to find something that makes our business run as smoothly as Horsebills has for us.”

Horse Bills - Create Invoice.png
(Image provided by Horsebills)

Doche and Ike suggest that Horsebills shortens the billing process by 90% while owners can easily track their spending.
“Racing has to modernize and innovate. Horsebills has helped do that,” Ike said, “and we are looking forward to continuing to help the industry in the months and years to come.”
To learn more about Horsebills, visit their website HERE.

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