Donald Wells of Paris, Kentucky stood alone at the top in the first week of the TIF Summer Prop Contest, correctly answering 10 of 12 props in the opening volley of the eight-week event.
Wells chose to direct $1,250 to the Jockey & Equestrian Initiative of the University of Kentucky’s Sports Medicine Research Institute

Four players out of 163 entrants landed eight of 12 props, pushing the tiebreaker into play. Bruce Kluft of Ocean, New Jersey projected the $2 exacta payout from the Diana at $12.20, just off the exact figure of $12.40, securing second place for the week. Patrick Moroney of Washington, Missouri checked-in third, with an $11 exacta guess.

Sean Burke of Davidsonville, Maryland and Ken Kasowicz of Chicago, Illinois each had eight correct, but were farther away from the correct exacta payout in the tiebreakers. 34 players had seven of 12 correct responses. 

Kluft chose to direct a $500 donation to the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund while Moroney will get to direct $250 to Virginia Tech's Jockey & Equestrian Helmet Study.

We will provide updated standings for the leaders as the best four week scores emerge over the course of the summer. 

Here is the distribution of responses from Week 1 props:

1. Which horse will have the better finishing position in the Diana?

A - #2 Rushing Fall (59.51%)
B - #6 Homerique (40.49%)

2. In the Diana, Chad Brown trainees will...

A - Complete only the exacta (39.88%)
B - Complete the exacta and trifecta (38.04%)
C - Neither of the above (22.09%)

3. HEAD TO HEAD: The Diana without the Chad Brown trainees. Which horse will have the better finishing position in the Diana?

A - #3 Mitchell Road (59.88%)
B - #5 Secret Message (40.12%)

4. In the Sanford, the opening quarter mile split according to the published Equibase chart will be:

A - 22.40 seconds or lower (50.00%)
B - 22.41 seconds or higher (50.00%)

5. How many career starts will the winner of the Sanford have made prior to Saturday's race?

A – 1 (29.42%)
B – 2 (70.55%)

6. The combined winning margin of the Sanford and Diana will be:

A - 1 length or shorter (all margins neck, head and nose = 1/4L) (7.98%)
B - 1 1/4 lengths to 3 lengths (51.53%)
C - 3 1/4 lengths or longer (40.49%)

7. In Saturday's fourth race, a maiden event for juveniles, the winner will be:

A - A homebred (#1,2,3,8) (33.13%)
B - A horse purchased at auction (#4,5,6,7) (66.87%)

8. In Saratoga's sixth race, which horse will have a higher finishing position:

A - #2 Decorated Invader or #3 Field Pass (44.17%)
B - Any other horse (55.83%)

9 - In Saratoga's tenth race, the winner will be...

A - #5 Payne (37.42%)
B - Any other horse (62.58%)

10. How many races will Chad Brown trainees win on Saturday at Saratoga?

A – 0 (0.00%)
B – 1 (7.98%)
C – 2 (57.06%)
D – 3 (33.13%)
E - More than three (1.84%)

11. The $0.50 return for Saratoga's early pick five on Saturday will be...

A - $1,199.99 or lower (49.69%)
B - $1,200.00 or higher (50.31%)

12. Which jockey will have more wins on Saturday at Saratoga?

A - Irad Ortiz Jr. (46.01%)
B - Javier Castellano (38.04%)
C - Both have same number of wins or no wins (15.95%)

Below are the participants with at least seven points from the first week. The top three participants with the best four-week score will direct a combined $9,000 in donations to jockey health-related initiatives.

Britney Eurton from TVG and NBC Sports will provide the guest props for the second week of the TIF Summer Prop Contest. We are thankful for your participation thus far and wish you the best of luck in Week 2!

SPC TIF Week 1 Standings.png


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